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7 Month Baby Update: Mira

Who would have thought that my little Mira would grow so fast!! Month 6 was so crazy busy that month 7 came out of nowhere.

Mira is still an incredibly happy baby.

Sleep: Mira is still sleeping all through the night. She sometimes wakes herself up when she wiggles in her sleep; especially when she gets her legs caught in the bars of the crib.

Eating: We are still breastfeeding 30-35oz a day. We are now trying our luck with sappy cups and giving her some water. This little girl loves food so much that she has moved to 2-3 4oz pouches of baby puree.

This is the Little Journey food we give her. Apple Pear Blueberry and Apple Carrot are her favorite this month. https://www.aldi.us/en/grocery-home/aldi-brands/baby/baby-pouches-snacks/

Milestones: We are mobile!

I have to keep a closer eye on her, even though she isn't crawling, she can butt scoot and roll and roll and roll to get to the toy on the other side of the room! She also has the ability to go from laying down on her back and sit up on her bottom! I let her play with the multi colored shape blocks and she LOVED THEM! She has become obsessed with cell phones and tv remotes also. Grandpa purchased a kid tv remote that sings ABC's and numbers, I also gave her my old iPod for her to play with and chew on.

We took her on her first camping trip too! You aren't a Johnson if you don't go camping at least a couple times a year. Introducing Grunt Johnson to the family. Grunt is the little beaver featured in her monthly photo as her souvenir from Whitewater State Park. Check out that post for more details.

Mommy Postpartum: I am doing amazing!

I have gotten to the point where I feel like my old self. I fill stronger in my arms because I am caring Mira around all the time, and I have been dancing more too. My strechmarks are loosing that dark purple color more and more every day. I can look in the mirror and feel happy with the way I look most days. I still have a little more weight to loose before I am at my pre-pregnancy weight. But the best part... I can open my closet and wear about 75% of the shirts that are hanging!

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