• Amanda Johnson

8 Month Baby Update: Mira

Wow! This month has gone by so fast!

I don't know how I could have possibly been so blessed with an amazing baby! <3

Sleep: She is still sleeping through the night. (Most nights!) Lately she has been sleeping flat on her belly, or in child's pose. She does get 2-3 30-90 minute naps during the day.

Eating: Mira still gets breast milk in the morning and before nap time and bed time. She has been getting about 2-3 oz of water a day and sometimes she gets pear water. Starting yesterday she has gotten a scrambled egg and she seemed to like it for the most part. We also gave her some mashed potatoes... it was very messy!

Milestones: She is sooooo close to full crawling... She currently can army scoot across the floor, but the movement of putting weight on her knees and keeping them under her hips are a little bit of a struggle. We also got her a new car seat to keep in Daddy's car.

Mommy Postpartum: I am finally starting to feel like myself again! I am currently in love with high rise skinny jeans. I have come to the conclusion that my body will never be like it was before having a baby, but I can hide the excess skin into some high rise jeans! :)

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