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Baby Must Haves: Breastfeeding

So, You're making a Baby Registry?! Congrats on your baby!

Here are my top 8 products that I would purchase all over again because they all made my breastfeeding journey soooooo much better!

Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket - You're probably thinking: "Amanda, why are you mentioning a swaddle blanket in a breastfeeding must haves post?" Well, my daughter wasn't much of a swaddle lover. I got probably 15 of this style blanket from my baby showers and I absolutely LOVE them! FOR BREASTFEEDING! I did try one of those infinity scarf breastfeeding covers, I found it incredibly difficult. Especially since I was a first time mom and didn't quite have breastfeeding down yet... especially in public. The infinity scarf, although all the rage right now, fell off my shoulders, baby pulled down and well, lets just say I'm pretty sure my family has seen my boobs... I saw a woman breastfeeding and she used one of these blankets as a cover! She just tied two of the corners into a knot and put her head through the hole, and her entire front was covered! (Like a reverse superhero cape) It completely covered baby, and mom could look through the neck hole to check on baby if needed. Also, every time you wash this blanket, it gets softer!

Nipple Shield - After my daughter was born, the nurse wanted me to start breastfeeding, I had no clue what I was doing. I never took the breastfeeding class (highly recommend). The nurse showed me what to do and my daughter latched for 30 minutes on both sides and I was in a lot of pain. Later that night, after I went to my recovery room, the lactation consultant came in to check on us and see if we had any questions. She asked if she could see my daughter latch and check if there were any immediate issues we needed to look at before she went home for the night. When I unhooked my bra, there was blood inside my bra. My nipples were cracked and really tender. She immediately gave me a Nipple Shield and taught me how to use it. They are typically used for women with flat, or inverted nipples or for babies what were born premie. But my issue was latch. Although it is a pain, because I have to remember to take it with me everywhere, I find it a very helpful tool. I suggest talking with a lactation consultant before purchasing a nipple shield, and if you end up needing it, purchase a few. One to keep in the diaper bag and some around your nursing spots: living room, bedroom, nursery, etc...

Spectra - Wow! I didn't think I would use this breast pump so much! There are so many settings to choose from! A Faster/Slower pump, how hard or soft it draws your milk, and it even has a weird massage setting? I love this, because it is super easy to assemble and clean. There is also a night light option if you need to pump in the middle of the night. There is an option to duel pump and the best part... you don't need to clean the tubes because your milk never reaches it!

It comes in pink and blue.

Boppy - I LOVE THIS PILLOW! It makes nursing so easy and saves me some arm pain :) It's easy to wash baby blowout and spit up out. I have even used it as an emergency pillow in the early weeks of motherhood when catching some precious sleep.

Burp Cloths - For something that is designed to clean up puke, breastmilk, drool, pretty much any bodily fluid, burp cloths are amazing! Although there are hundreds of brands and styles, This was gifted to me at a baby shower. after months of using it, my husband pointed out that one of the prints were gray ducks! (WOO HOO MINNESOTA!)

Breastmilk storage bags - If you plan to breastfeed and were blessed with an oversupply after your milk came in. Not only will you need a breast pump, but storage bags!!! These bags are so handy, after you pump the desired amount, put it in the bag, date it, and put it in the freezer. It can be thawed later for a babysitter or if you are just too sore to nurse and baby is hangry. Click HERE for tips on breastmilk storage.

Oh, and pro tip... when you freeze your bags, lay them down first so they freeze flat and take up less space in your freezer!

Breast Pads - These things are amazing if you have an oversupply. It will save your bra and your shirt! Especially when your baby starts sleeping through the night and you wake up engorged and wonder why your not swimming in your milk, you will be thankful for that soggy pancake in your bra ;)

Nipple Cream - Now, this is a product I never thought I would have to purchase... but it defiantly was a game changer! After my first painful latch in the hospital, I needed something that would help relieve the pain from cracking and bleeding, along with being safe for my baby. The hospital gave me some amazing stuff... but it wasn't safe for baby to swallow, so I had to wipe it off before nursing and it was painful to remove. But this Boob Ease is pretty amazing. I used it after every nursing session until my daughter and I both figured out of this nursing thing works and I only used half of the container. I am a also a sucker for the packing! C'mon, look at the branding! LOVE!

It also wouldn't hurt to subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Before my baby was sleeping through the night, I was up every 2-3 hours nursing... there was even a period of time where her cluster feeding time was 1AM-4AM. Which means, I had a lot of hours I was awake on the couch... So, throughout my pregnancy and early nursing, I have binged: Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, TrollHunters, countless movies. If you are a book person, AWESOME! Read that book! If you are like me and love books but don't have the commitment to sit down and read, here is a link to Audible. You're Welcome!


The links above are Amazon affiliate links.

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