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Bullet Journaling

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Have you ever heard of bullet journaling? I learned about it when I decided I wanted to get my life back... by waking up at 5:15AM. When you are up that early, you have time to think and plan stuff for your day/week/month... I am and very visual and creative person and I wanted a fun way or organizing my calendar. After going down a YouTube rabbit trail.... I came across AmandaRachLee on YouTube!


I decided that I wanted to bullet journal like her! So the next day, I bought 2 journals, markers and some calligraphy pens! I can design my calendar and weekly spread however I want! And every month is a different theme! For example November: leaves and pumpkins!

Every month, I make a cover photo thats fun, and super detailed. This takes time, I don’t just whip it out in an hour. I usually listen to some jazz and a snoring baby while I work on this.

I also have a calendar, mood tracker, habit tracker and weekly spreads where I write out my events for the day like dance class and my get stuff done list... like if I were to get one productive thing done today it would be take out the trash.

I also like to keep track of movies and tv shows I have watched over the year and I will glue photos and ticket stubs from events I’ve been to, I will also write out journal entries to go along with them.

This is a fun way for me to look back each year to see how I’ve changed, how my family has changed and to shed which month makes me the happiest!

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