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If you give a mom a muffin...

She’ll want some coffee to go along with it, but has a million and one things to get done and by the time they are completed the coffee is cold.

This is the life of a stay at home momma.

Today was was a great day. I got a lot done! I’m almost finished with my closet purge,(thanks Marie Kondo), and got all the shirts and dresses hung. Now what to do with all my pants and skirts?!

I probably shouldn’t have had that 8:30pm cup of coffee, because it’s 11 now and my hubby and baby are asleep. Me on the other hand, I am laying in bed writing this out to let you know I am still here and it’s been a couple of months since my last posting. And a lot has happened.

Mira had her first birthday party in January! It was ducky themed. There was so much yellow! She had a blast and reallllly loves cupcakes. That’s my girl!

She wants to do everything I am doing! Sweep the floor, eat from my plate and unfold all the clothes I’ve folded and put them back into the hamper. I have learned that patience is key and really does go a long way. I could get mad at her and tell her to not touch. But then I would have to deal with a crabby baby. If I sit back, let her discover the different textures of shirts and towels, she’ll either get bored and walk away or make it the most exciting object in the room and want to show it off to all her toys. That’s my favorite option. She isn’t doing any damage by taking a pair of pants and walking around the room with it, when it took maybe 3-5 seconds to fold and put it with the rest of the pants. She just wants to be my little helper. I will hand her a pair of socks and she’ll put them in the drawer. We make a game out of it!

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