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Meet Blinky and Aaarrrgghhh!!! The Johnson Fur babies!

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

My husband and I had a cat named Harry; he was a Norwegian Forest cat. He was super chill, never jumped on high stuff, and didn’t knock stuff off the tables. He cuddled with us, caught many house mice and loved cheese. He was nearing 20 years of life when we noticed he started to slow down... he started having bathroom accidents all over and was so weak would lay in the mess afterword. We brought him to the vet, and the vet said he had a large tumor on his kidneys. We got the news that he wasn’t going to be here for very long. He offered to teach us how to administer fluids through an IV and we could prolong his life maybe a few months… We didn’t want him to be uncomfortable and suffer. So we decided that he lived a good life, longer than most cats in his breed, and we said our tearful goodbyes.

It took about a year before we decided it was time to add another fur baby to our little family. I started looking on craigslist for kittens. Although they were adorable, they were also out of our price range. My ideal kitten was an orange boy cat, and all the ones on craigslist were mixed. (Fun fact about me: all my pets growing up were boys… with the exception of Ashley the goldfish, mom named that one.)

I started to lose hope that we weren’t going to find a kitten in our price range. One random day while at orchestra rehearsal, Nikki, a harpist in our group made an announcement that she had a litter of orange kittens that needed homes. I ran over and exchanged phone numbers with her and I texted my husband and told him about the kittens. He said he was hoping to surprise me with a kitten for our anniversary (which had already passed) and told me I could get one!!!

Nikki invited us to come to her home to meet the kittens. I walked in, and Nikki lifted the cover to the kennel they were in, I was in love. Itty-bitty orange balls of mews were in front of me. She said it was time to feed them and asked if we would help. That day, I learned how to bottle-feed a 3-week-old kitten. We learned about how the kittens came to Minnesota from Iowa because a car hit their mother. She also told us that the litter was split between 2 foster homes and we could set up a time to meet the other kittens if we wanted. By this point, I was in love with Dewey, and didn’t want to have more options when I was already in love.

I was so happy!!! The following week, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter… I was scared we couldn’t get the kitten anymore. Caring for a new baby, while having a kitten that was less than a year old… I did a bunch of research on new babies and exposure to pets and learned it could prevent allergies! Win! My husband said we could still get the kitten so we made another visit to Nikki’s house.

A few weeks later, Nikki informed me that one of the kittens from the other foster house had unexpectedly died and the vet allowed the other kitten (Melon) to be reunited with his brothers and sister in the same house. Nikki had been updating me throughout the reintroducing of their brother and Dewey had taken Melon as his partner in crime. They were best friends and did everything together. They cuddled and groomed and played with each other. I didn’t have the heart to split them up after meeting sweet Melon. We learned that multiple cats will take out their rough play with each other and play nicer with their humans (which is what we wanted, with a baby on the way). So, after thinking it over, my husband and I decided that we wouldn’t get one kitten, but TWO!

After bringing them home and showing them where the litter box and their food was they finally opened up and declared our home to be theirs. We were just allowed to live there.

Why did we name them Blinky (Melon) and Aaarrrgghhh!!! (Dewey)?

Watch Trollhunters on Netflix! Blinkey is the smarter of the two and Aaarrrgghhh!!!! Is the LARGE, strong and cuddly one.

Some fun facts about Blinky:

He is soooooo close to human speech! I can always count on him to push bowls and cups over! He definitely loves his naps during the day and I think he will be able to do our taxes next year!

Some fun facts about Aaarrrgghhh!!!:

He is the bigger of the two, not by how much fat he has, but with muscle! He is so strong! It’s weird though, he can make his legs kick out like a frog and lay really flat on the floor!!!

He is right pawed and always wants to lay in the pile of dirt when I sweep the floor.

They both chatter at birds and squirrels on the deck, play in laundry baskets and push their water bowl across the floor. We think they are practicing curling for the Winter Olympics.

We are so in love with them!

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