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We took a 6 month old camping

Mira Jade went on her first adventure to a lovely State Park in Southern Minnesota! Aside from the trip being very humid and only 1 mosquito bite, she had a blast!

She LOVED hiking on the trails to chimney rock and crossing pirates plank while sitting in a backpack carrier on Daddy's back. She tried to grab the leaves off of the tree branches when dipping under them! 

Sleeping was a little bit of a struggle, because we would go to bed in humid, high 70 degree temps and wake up to mid 60s and she would wake up cold and I would have to put her in her wearable blanket.

Falling asleep to the chirping crickets and chirping frogs in the background, (and a little of mommy's singing) she was able to drift off to dreamland with no problem.

I'm pretty sure Mira is going to be a nature girl: getting covered in grass stains, eating dirt sleeping under the stars. I have no problem with this.

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